I was invited to a birthday party…this is #EPIC | #AddressNotSuppress #phettehollins @phettehollins

Hi y’all! Guess what? I was invited to a birthday party. 🙂 I talked a little bit before about my ex-husband’s side of the family and how after the divorce, they divorced me as well. My ex-husband and I struggled for well over a year to get on the same page, and I’m happy toContinue reading “I was invited to a birthday party…this is #EPIC | #AddressNotSuppress #phettehollins @phettehollins”

Losing my cousin, Jessica LaTrease Jones

Heyyy y’all. I’ve been away for a few weeks and I’m gonna tell you why. Something unexpectedly tragic happened to me and my family. I lost my FIRST cousin in a house fire. If you’ve been following my YouTube Channel, Address NOT Suppress Series, there’s one particular segment where I talk about my Family. InContinue reading “Losing my cousin, Jessica LaTrease Jones”