Day 1 of 31 day blog challenge: Introduction

Hey y’all! Ok, so let me tell y’all why I’m excited about this challenge. For weeks I have been mulling over different topics and asking myself what do I wanna talk about. Nothing stood out. Fast forward to today and I’m laying in bed, browsing through Pinterest (my new favorite past time), and guess whatContinue reading “Day 1 of 31 day blog challenge: Introduction”

My many personalities…ALL are authentically ME! @phetteogburn

Hiiiii!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this Labor Day. I’m off work today, but I’ve been working on my new home: unpacking, putting up pictures and finally got around to getting my blinds put up. It’s finally feeling like home and starting to look lived in. 😀 This week’s vid is is about my many personalities andContinue reading “My many personalities…ALL are authentically ME! @phetteogburn”