The #GetNaked Movement Casting Call/Taping

Even with my affinity for words, I haven’t found the right words to describe my excitement about The #GetNakedMovement Casting Call/Taping. So, I’ll just express it with gifs. Because, I have an affinity for those as well. The #GetNakedMovement (TGNM) is a collection of stories told by those who have identified & addressed their issuesContinue reading “The #GetNaked Movement Casting Call/Taping”

3 Reasons why I got naked & why you should #GetNakedToo | @phettehollins

Most of us #GetNaked in the privacy of our own homes and amongst people we trust…most of the time. Yet, I’ve chosen to expose myself to all y’all. I didn’t just up and decide to show my goodies. It was a gradual process that started with me removing small articles of clothing, that seemed insignificant,Continue reading “3 Reasons why I got naked & why you should #GetNakedToo | @phettehollins”

Let’s #GetNaked & talk about body image & self-esteem | @phettehollins

The #GetNaked Movement is about removing what hurts to fully experience a life that works. Join the Movement & #GetNakedToo Facebook YouTube Instagram Email:

1st short: Daddy’s Girl (Is A Hoe) is LIVE NOW!!! | @phettehollins #GetNaked

It’s finally here!!! The 1st short in my series of webisodes. Let me know what y’all think. This is a Movement. Let’s have a discussion. Let’s #GetNaked