Demons: #WritingThroughIt | #BczOfSelina @phettehollins

I swear I’ve never felt so much pain as the pain I feel since I lost my mother. Almost 8 months later and I’m still in shock. Some days all I wanna do is lie in bed, balled up in the fetal position, and cry for days. That’s it. Not take a shower. Not getContinue reading “Demons: #WritingThroughIt | #BczOfSelina @phettehollins”

#DiggingInTheBag – The Intro |@phettehollins #DITB

Because we’re in an age where cell phone camera pictures are all the rage, I thought it’d be fun to take pictures (with my cell phone’s camera) of actual Polaroid and 35mm camera pictures and whatever other types of cameras that were used…back in the day. But while digging in the BIG bag (see imageContinue reading “#DiggingInTheBag – The Intro |@phettehollins #DITB”

3 Reasons why I got naked & why you should #GetNakedToo | @phettehollins

Most of us #GetNaked in the privacy of our own homes and amongst people we trust…most of the time. Yet, I’ve chosen to expose myself to all y’all. I didn’t just up and decide to show my goodies. It was a gradual process that started with me removing small articles of clothing, that seemed insignificant,Continue reading “3 Reasons why I got naked & why you should #GetNakedToo | @phettehollins”

Let’s #GetNaked & talk about body image & self-esteem | @phettehollins

The #GetNaked Movement is about removing what hurts to fully experience a life that works. Join the Movement & #GetNakedToo Facebook YouTube Instagram Email:

4 Reasons Why I Needed A Break

It has been a while. Like…2015 a while, since my last post. Soooo…happy holidays, Merry New Year, and all lat. Most of us have lots of things going on and have to juggle and do balancing acts to ensure things flow. Because, the reality is, we all get the same 24 hours in a dayContinue reading “4 Reasons Why I Needed A Break”

I was invited to a birthday party…this is #EPIC | #AddressNotSuppress #phettehollins @phettehollins

Hi y’all! Guess what? I was invited to a birthday party. 🙂 I talked a little bit before about my ex-husband’s side of the family and how after the divorce, they divorced me as well. My ex-husband and I struggled for well over a year to get on the same page, and I’m happy toContinue reading “I was invited to a birthday party…this is #EPIC | #AddressNotSuppress #phettehollins @phettehollins”