Why it’s important to know who YOU are | Phette Hollins

Heeeyyy, Just wanted to share with y’all a Facebook LIVE video I did that talks about the importance of knowing who you are so that you can show up in this world as the best version of yourself. Many of us could avoid certain jobs, relationships, situations if we were clear about who we are.Continue reading “Why it’s important to know who YOU are | Phette Hollins”

Being FREE: Living your life…FREE’ly | #Authenticity #PhetteHollins #GettingToFree

**NEW VID** Wanna live your life freely? Here’s how: 1. Identify what FREE looks like to you. 2. Know yourself. 3. Make & take time to get to FREE! 4. STEW in you. Watch the video for more: GETTING TO FREE