[Video] What is a Life & Story Coach? | by Phette Hollins

After toying around with the idea for yearrssss, I finally got the hint and decided that resistance was futile 🀣 I’ve been on a healing journey for seven years but on a life journey for at least 15. We all get to a point where we ask the simple yet most elusive question in theContinue reading “[Video] What is a Life & Story Coach? | by Phette Hollins”

Love Languages | @phettehollins #LoveLanguage #Communication

Great day y’all!!!! Do y’all know about the 5 love languages? If you’re obsessed with assessments like I am, I’m sure you’ve run across this one. Knowing your love language and that of your partner’s is paramount. Take the quiz for ya self: Love Language Quiz. In addition to that, knowing who you are asContinue reading “Love Languages | @phettehollins #LoveLanguage #Communication”